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Bodybuilding Supplement Stacks: Supernatural Cutting Stack

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Ultra Elite Stack (4 Week Cycle)

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Product Description

Ultra Elite Stack
4 Week Cycle
By Red X Labs

Size: 1 TestoXterone, 1 RX5 Ultra and 1 MAXED

 aka... The "Get Respect Stack"


Red X Labs Presents The "Ultra Elite" Stack...

Red X Labs Ultra Elite Stack

Who Knows How Much Muscle You’ll
Pack On! 20, 25, Even 30 Pounds!!

Dear Friend and fellow serious Bodybuilder,

Please listen to this truthful statement carefully! The more ripped and shredded muscle you have on your body, the more women will be attracted to you… and the more men will respect you. But the key word is ripped and shredded. Listen, anybody can put on a bunch of “size” using 600 mg a week of testosterone while eating like a horse!Elite Bodybuilder Stack

But to be considered a “perfected bodybuilder” you must have adequate size… but you must also be very “hard” and “shredded” as well! And if you continue reading you’ll discover a brand new muscle building technology that actually supersedes the rapid muscle effects of testosterone alone… plus it will rip you to shreds at the same time!

German Steroid Technology Taken
To A New Level!

As you know probably know, German’s were the “founding fathers” of steroid research and did literally hundreds of well documented studies on them. And the one thing they studied quite often was the interrelationship between testosterone and protein, or more specifically the amino acids contained in protein.

For example, in one study, patients were given weekly testosterone shots… but were put in a ZERO protein diet! Huh?? A Zero protein diet; that doesn’t make any sense? Yes it does, because what they were testing during this little known study may have lead to the biggest muscle building discovery since synthetic testosterone itself, check this out!

The reason they fed patients zero protein diets while on high doses of testosterone was to actually test the “raw power” that testosterone has on specific amino acids. So once the testosterone had taken hold within the testosterone receptors… numerous amino acids from peripheral organs (like the liver and spleen) actually started migrating toward the skeletal muscle cell! Yes, you got it! The body started to “borrow” amino acids from the organs so it could build muscle! Now, if this doesn’t prove the power of testosterone then nothing does! But it also proves the power of amino acids, and the relationship between the two!

So, by conducting this study (which is chronicled in the book Anabolic Steroids and Bodybuilding by Scott Chinery who founded the L & S Research Company) the German scientists were able to identify which specific amino acids were drawn toward muscle cell the most!

RX5 In other words, they discovered which amino acids were the most anabolic! And out of the twenty-two known aminos, there were five that were most preferentially drawn away from other organs and toward muscle tissue.

RX5 ULTRA... Androgen Releasing Factors Plus Anabolic Aminos Equals Better Than Steroid Results!

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “genius” is recognizing the obvious… so have the researchers who made RX5. They took this obvious information and created a pharmaceutical grade amino acid complex of the most anabolic amino acids and coupled it with the world’s most potent androgen releasing factors!

So you see, the pure genius behind this? Now you’ll get highly elevated testosterone levels… plus your bloodstream will be jammed with the most highly anabolic pharmaceutical grade amino acids know to science! Now do you see why RX5 is superior to just straight testosterone? Your muscle cell receptors will now literally “suck in” these amino acids which will then accelerate your muscle growth like never before!

And even better, all the extra testosterone you’ll be producing is DNA specific, meaning it’s genetically engineered to react to your testosterone receptors with more affinity… you’ll become a freak in no time! TestoXterone: anabolic mass agent

TestoXterone… Even More “DNA Specific” Testosterone!

Now if you just took RX5 all by itself, you’re certain to explode with muscle and many first time users gain 10-15 pounds of shredded muscle in the first 4-6 weeks. However, the more testosterone the better, so that’s why TestoXterone was included in this stack!

Now you’ll become a “testosterone freak” as you’ll get even more DNA specific testosterone to ignite those muscle specific aminos in RX5. Seriously friend, if you add this much testosterone and all those aminos will cause such a flurry of muscle growth, you will not even recognize yourself! And you’ll get stronger than strong as well, easily adding 50-70 pounds on both your bench and squat! MAXED

But here’s the kicker. TestoXterone also will greatly increase your oxygen uptake for super endurance along with super strength! Now you can “pound the iron” hour-on-end as your pumps will be out-of-this-world! And speaking of out-of-this-world… that’s how fast your recovery will be due to so much increased oxygen uptake!

Now Let’s Crush Estrogen For The Ultimate Physique!

Ok, now the final weapon for that “perfected” physique, MAXED. This is the lean mass agent that can crush estrogen. This will not only make you shredded and hard, it will also make the androgen releasing factors in both RX5 and TestoXterone work even better!

MAXED, by nature, is designed to occupy the estrogen receptors, thus blocking them from receiving estrogen and the result is you’ll get anvil hard with virtually no water buildup from all the new test you’ll be getting! So now do you see why this amazing stack is far, far superior to synthetic stacks that actually destroy your natural hormone production.. and increases estrogen?!

So Quick Call Now, 20-25 Pounds Of Muscle Is Waiting For You!

So quick call now and get the Ultra Elite Stack (aka The Get Respect Stack)and in no time at all you’ll be getting more respect than you’ve ever gotten in your life. After all, when you come strolling into the gym in a few weeks from now with 10-15 pounds more shredded muscle on you… you will get noticed and will get respected big time! And in 10-12 weeks who knows, you could grow 20-25 pounds of gigantic hard muscle and completely freak out everybody! So quick, call now and order the Ultra Elite Stack and start putting on so much size and lets you hardly recognize yourself. So call now 1-888-987-7748



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