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Bodybuilding Supplement Stacks: Supernatural Cutting Stack

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By Red X Labs


Size: 90 Capsules



All New Anabolic Program Will Get You So Freaky Huge & Shredded You’ll Hardly Be Able
To See Straight!
And Neither Will Anybody Else As They Turn Their Heads In Utter Amazement At How Muscular You Are!

Dear Friend,

Within the next 2-3 minutes, you’re going to discover an all new way to build so much thick, solid, ripped up muscle… you’ll hardly be able to “see straight”! And no one else will either as they will be turning their heads in utter disbelief staring at your new huge physique!

Sound impossible? Not in the least because once you combine the “elements” of a new anabolic agent with a new training program… you will literally explode with muscle, here are the exciting details.

Ever heard of EPO (Erythropoietin)? A lot of bodybuilders haven’t because it’s an “anabolic agent” for endurance athletes… and many high profile athletes, including Lance Armstrong, have addmitted using it.

So why EPO? Well, EPO is awesome for endurance athletes because it greatly increases Red Blood cells in the body which then leads to more oxygen delivered to the muscles. The end result is that you just keep going – and going – and going; never gasping for air or feeling any muscle fatigue! It's like that dream you sometimes have where you never get tired... but this is a dream come true!

However, as awesome as EPO is for anabolic purposes… it is equally dangerous because it can make your blood volume so high and thick that it can actually clot and stop blood flow to the brain or heart; not to mention the huge increases in blood pressure which comes with a long list of potential problems alone.

So, like most anabolic agents, you certainly want the good, but not the bad! ...and you’re about to discover how to get it!

It’s An All New Anabolic Duo!

As just mentioned, the reason almost all World Class endurance athletes (including some bodybuilders) want to use EPO is because it boosts blood volume leading to massive increases in oxygen uptake and speedy recovery from injury and workouts. But here’s another benefit of higher blood volume… increased protein delivery to the muscles which then increases muscle building nitrogen. When you stack EPO with a mild dose of testosterone, you get an amazing anabolic one-two punch that only a few elite athletes can say they have actually experienced.

But now there is a better way to get this "anabolic effect" without the risk that comes with taking someone elses presctiption… it’s called TestoXterone. Now carefully study the name of this unique anabolic agent and you’ll see that the anabolic duo is clearly represented... you'll notice “OX” in the middle of the word testosterone... this is a “code word” for Oxygen!

You see, TestoXterone was modeled after one of the most potent anabolic steroids in history, Oxymetholone! But here’s what a lot of bodybuilders don’t know… Oxymetholone was originally designed to treat a disorder called anemia, which is a lack of red blood cells.

And this is the reason everyone who takes it gets such huge pumps while their system is under the influence of Oxymetholone! However, because Oxymetholone has a wide range of “side effects”; like the fact that it could shut down the body’s natural testosterone production cycle, its use is not advised without a doc’s supervision.

But here’s the good news! TestoXterone does not shut down the natural testosterone production cycle… it actually increases it! So you get the best of both worlds; drastically elevated red blood cell production and increased testosterone.

Now Let’s Unwind The New Training Routine
To Make You A Muscular God!

And now for the best news of all! As you well know, training is the most anabolic device “of all time” because without effective training… all the steroids in the World won’t make a bit of difference in how you look. Believe it!

Here’s a training program that will make a difference; a big difference! It’s a very high volume, high “pumping” routine that is designed to work hand-in-hand with the high pumping action of TestoXterone. Here’s how.

Since TestoXterone increases oxygen uptake, it will make high volume training sessions much easier. So, how high-volume is a “high volume” training session? One to two hundred reps per bodypart, twice per week. This should look like 10-15 sets of 10-12 reps with moderate weights - basically, pick a weight you can do for 18 reps. If you can do it 20 times, its too light! And when you do this you will set into motion a physiological process called hypertrophy that will volumize or enlarge the muscle and make it “swole” beyond “swole” as they say at Gold’s Gym in Venice, CA.

Are you surpised? You shouldn't be... it's no secret that bodybuilding is an endurance sport. Just take a minute to look back at all the old Arnold videos where he is working hard in the gym. You'll see him there with all his monster friends repping it out at 12 reps or more on every set they do. They are forcing their muscles to grow larger through endurance muscle training!

Even if you don’t use quite this high of “volume” in your routine... lets say you only hit 75 reps per bodypart... or maybe you just stick with your normal routine and then add a drop set to the end... TestoXterone will STILL make you explode with raw new muscle because it’s just that powerful.

So quick, make a mad dash to the phone and order this truly amazing anabolic agent and start on the path to muscular glory today... the number to call is 1-888-987-7748. Call now or simply order online here.



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Product Reviews

  1. Endurance through the roof! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th May 2015

    Tesoxterone is great! My muscle endurance is extremely high right now and my appetite is going up more each day too. Only two weeks into my first bottle and I am up 5 pounds of lean mass. I am looking better and feeling better too!

  2. Also worked for me 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Apr 2015

    I also tried the 100 rep program. Testoxterone is a great product that gave me more mass and my recovery time between sets was better than ever.

  3. I got bigger but not much stronger 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Apr 2015

    I tried the 100 rep program with testoxteron and it definately made me much bigger, much much bigger. I didnt get any extra strength but I guess that is ok and that is what maxed is for i guess. But testoxteron alone was strong enough for me.

  4. Sorry to sai that 1 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Feb 2015

    It did not work for me....

  5. marvellous product in its own right 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Mar 2014

    Found a significant increase/endurance at workouts.Hits top of leader board.

  6. Thanks for the fast shipping! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Aug 2012

    Ordered two more bottles today so I can keep my cycle going! Thanks for getting it shipped to me so fast! Even the Super Saver Shipping is very fast!

  7. Extremely happy customer! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th May 2012

    Just got done with my 8 week cycle and I couldnt be happyer. I am bigger, stronger and feel incredible. I really hope it doesnt go away now that I am off cycle for a while. I am up about 6 pounds lean mass AND I dropped some body fat too. Cant wait to do it again or maybe step up to a stack next time.

  8. Tops 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Oct 2011

    Testoxterone is tops. I really love this stuff.. makes me feel like I can run forever!

  9. Thank you for the great product! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Sep 2011

    I've been taking TestoXterone for years and it never disappoints! Thank you guys for the great product and great service.

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