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Bodybuilding Supplement Stacks: Supernatural Cutting Stack

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Super Natural Cutting Stack (8 week cycle)

  • Supernatural Cutting Stack
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NOTICE: Cutting Gel may be substituted by an alternative topical fat burning product.


The Super Natural Cutting Stack 

It’s The New Ultra Sophisticated Way To Get Ripped & Shredded Beyond All Belief!

Bodybuilder with two hot babesHow Ripped and Shredded? Try Between 5-7% Body Fat… Plus You’ll Be “Full”, “Tight”, and “Anvil Hard”!

Dear Friend and Fellow Serious Bodybuilder,

Imagine for a moment the “perfect” Superhero. I am talking about a guy who is both “book smart” and “street smart”, plus he is in perfect physical shape with extremely low body fat levels and a shredded six pack. He’s sleek, smart and stealthy. And all the ladies want to hang out with him after work.

Now, if you want to BE this type of “person” … with a well defined, super shredded body, six pack and all... Then continue reading about the all new Super Natural Cutting Stack that was specifically designed to give you that super shredded and super hard look that’s very difficult to obtain without some super-natural assistance.

And the Super Natural Cutting Stack is indeed “super” as it features three very cutting edge supplements that by all intents and purposes “should not be legal” supplements without prescription… but they are!

Get Super Lean And
Super Shredded… NOW!

As you probably know through your personal experience that getting that super lean, super shredded look is very difficult to get. And the number one reason it’s so difficult to get “cross-striated” shredded is because of lack of appetite control! Especially when fat producing high carb foods dominate T.V and billboard advertising. And, this advertising is so persuasive that food is constantly on your mind… and especialy when you consciously trying to get super-shredded.

To the average Joe on the street, whose body fat is 25%, this bombarding of the taste buds is of no concern to them because he has already caved in - so to speak - and eats tasty, yet fat producing fast foods all the time… and he looks like it too.

But you, on the other hand, have to fight this temptation because you want to set yourself apart from the average guy… or you wouldn’t be reading about a hard-core fat burning system in the first place.

AMPAGEN… Your Secret Fat Loss Weapon

Bodybuilder FlexingSo, quite obviously, the scientist who collaborated in this stack knew this, that the consumer’s brain is invented with appetite stimulating message virtually 24-7. And because of this, they created what maybe the biggest single weight-loss break trough in weight loss history called AMPAGEN by Chem33. And, as the name implies, these revolutionary weight-loss product will “AMP” you up quite a bit.

However, what’s even more important is that it helps you control your appetite. But, the word “control” is not nearly strong enough to convey the power of these “magic pills”. The term “hunger crushing” is much more appropriate. And the reason for this is, AMPAGEN will actually turn off appetite sensors in your brain that make you hungry. And this is EVERYTHING when it comes to controlling your food intake. In fact, in highly controlled test studies, doctors have temporally disengaged these hunger centers in the brain and if left untreated… it is believed the patient would of actually starve.

Now, AMPAGEN is not near this potent in stopping hunger. But this example graphically illustrates that the concept is right-on-track, because it’s these centers that need “tamped down” to that help keep you from desiring high carb, fat producing foods. And, according to many users, it’s the stopping of the urge to eat fatty and high carb foods that really has everyone so excited. Instead, you now have the discipline to eat by the clock… and only eat high quality, muscle building foods that make you big and shredded.

You’ll Save Muscle While Getting Peeled!

Ok, so now you’re going to calorie deficient by suppressing the heck out of your appetite… now let’s add a specialty anabolic/anti estrogenic agent that can help preserve the muscle to really shred you up!

One of the all-time great steroids ever invented Bodybuilder liftingwas called Masteron, from Italy. And back in the day it was every body’s favorite pre-contest because it made you so freaking hard and tight. It did so because its chemical structure was able to occupy the estrogen receptor. So, with the estrogen blocked, it cannot exert it’s natural fat building properties. It’s like you are cutting off the fat production system at the core!

Additionally Masteron was very anabolic as well so you stayed full and tight even if you took it all by itself. But of course Masteron is illegal and its production was discontinued because nearly all of it was being diverted to the black market, which is an obvious testament to its power. But it’s “legal cousin” Maxteron by IMPACT Nutrition is available and is very similar in terms of suppressing estrogen, shedding water, and inducing massive nitrogen retention.

So, the question is… does it work as well as the original Masteron? Nope. It’s only about 80-90% as effective (depending on the individual’s body response) but once you factor in the fact that it’s legal and available without a prescription – it’s an incredibly impressive product!

Now, this powerful hardening effect from Maxteron combined with the fat burning and hunger smashing of AMPAGEN by Chem33 and you have a wicked combo that will get your more ripped and shredded than you ever thought possible.

Now For The “Grand Finale” - Target Your Most Troubled Fatty Areas!

But that’s not all. The final piece to this extreme fat-burning puzzle is a new ground breaking formula that is heat activated and features Liposome technology that transports its active ingredients directly through the skin to the desired target area. This is true “spot reduction” at its best here!

It’s called Cutting Gel from Novex Biotech and let me tell you how it works! When applied to problem areas, Cutting Gel uses “Liposome Technology” to transport Fat Dehydrating Ingredients through the skin. Basically, it “shrinks” down cellulite and fat from certain cells in the body to make them appear smaller. And that’s not all! It also triggers enzymes that may assist the body to release stored fat completely. Over time, Cutting Gel may leave the skin looking smoother, slimmer, and healthier!




So there you have it. The amazing Master Cutting Stack that has AMPAGEN to smash your hunger, Maxteron to keep you hard and strong, and Cutting Gel to clean up the “trouble spots”! There is no other single product or stack of products that perform like this stack can

So Call Now and Get The Reputation of Being the Most Shredded Guy in the Gym!

Quick, call now. This is truly revolutionary stack about uses a technology that is even beyond what many pharmaceuticals companies are using. Seriously friend, this stack is the real deal and will get you stunning shredded to the point of your life… and it will because your “new reputation” So quick, call now and order the Super Natural Cutting Stack and in no time at all you’ll be the most ripped and shredded guy at your gym, or damn close to it. The number is 1-888-987-7748 and please have your credit card ready.


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NOTICE: Cutting Gel may be substituted by an alternative topical fat burning product.


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  1. Can't wait to start it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jan 2012

    I am writing this review based on my experience with Maxteron and Ampagen alone. I've used them each separately before and they have to be some of the best products Ive ever used. So, now I cant wait to use them together and I already know they are going to work well together. I will give another review when I am done. Right now, I am 225 pound and I hope to get down to around 200 in the next 8 weeks without losing too much muscle. Its a big goal I know but I think I can get it done!

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