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Bodybuilding Supplement Stacks: Supernatural Cutting Stack

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Product Description

By Impact Nutrition

Size: 90 Capsules


Introducing Equi-Bolan,

Now! Explode With Massive Muscularity & Devastating Size That’s Off The Charts!

Dear Friend and Serious Bodybuilder,

Equibolan GirlsIf you want to pack on devastating amounts of muscle in the next few weeks then please read every last word of this vital announcement! 

There’s an all new anabolic agent on the market called Equi-Bolan that’s so powerful, the vast majority (something like 96%) of the people who use it report it’s the most potent and result producing anabolic agent they’ve ever used! That’s right, nearly 96% of everyone who has used it says it’s the “strongest” thing they ever taken!

And the reason for this is simple… because Equi-Bolan was modeled after the vet anabolic steroid Equipoise which is one of the most powerful synthetic anabolic steroids ever invented! So powerful it was actually created for 1200 pound race horses.

And if you’ve ever used it, or know of anyone who has ever used it you know just how awesome it was. But listen friend, Equi-Bolan is just as awesome because it was manufactured to replicate the “actions” of Equipoise… here are some more stunning details.

As you may know, Equipoise had a tremendous influence on blood volume, or the increase of red blood cell production. And quite obviously, this is a huge benefit to bodybuilders because it got you so incredibly pumped. But the “pump” is just what you “feel” when you have more blood in your veins. The REAL effect of a more blood in your veins is that you get more oxygen and nutrients (muscle building protein) being “pumped” to your muscles! This means more endurance, faster recovery and ultimately more muscle growth.

Another reason everyone craved Equipoise is because it was a King Kong nitrogen retainer. So every tiny morsel of protein you consumed was used to build muscle and all the nitrogen retained was jammed into the muscle belly like there was no tomorrow… or yesterday even!

But the pumps from Equipoise and its nitrogen retention capabilities are only part of the story because the “muscularity” you got from it was literally off the chart!

And all these qualities are about to go off the chart again once you get Equi-Bolan because its power to replicate the actions is truly astonishing and is unparalleled by anything available on the market and here’s why.

The Awesome Power of DNA-DT
aka “Distinctive Testosterone”!

E qui-Bolan uses the most powerful testosterone component ever created… your own! It actually promotes production of DNA Distinctive Testosterone. And what this means is, all the testosterone it produces is genetically engineered to the testosterone receptors in your individual muscle and this type of testosterone; and on a milligram to milligram basis this is much more potent than synthetic testosterone.  

 Drug LabSo not only will your nitrogen levels and protein synthesis go haywire, so will your strength and red blood cell production because scientists know that increased testosterone also increases red blood cell production. Oh, and lets not forget about your strength levels, good gosh, they’ll go through the roof too! 

But Equi-Bolan is not done yet because the brilliant scientist who invented it also involved an oxygen uptake modulator. And what this simply means is, Equi-Bolan has the capacity to allow you to take in more oxygen which will allow you to do more reps when you’re working out. And, once this happens, you can start recruiting those deep latent muscle fibers that have never been stimulated because now you can dramatically increase your rep count. This is the reason “German Volume Training” is so effective… you have to do enough reps to fatigue the muscles that do the most work …. Forcing the muscle to “call for backup” and stimulate more fibers to help! Its genius!

So Quick, Call Now And Order
This Awesome Anabolic Agent!

So there it is my friend, the amazing Equi-Bolan that has all the good qualities of Equipoise, one of the most powerful steroids in history, but none of the bad. In fact, the only thing “bad” about Equi-Bolan is that it’s “Bad-To-The-Bone” when it comes to building muscle and getting shredded beyond belief. So quick, what on Earth are you waiting for? Get to the phone now and order this amazing anabolic agent while supplies are still available.

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Product Reviews

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  1. it works! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jun 2016

    if you want additional muscle size and strength quickly, give equibolan a try. the quality of the product is always good.

  2. By far, the best supplements on the market! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Nov 2015

    I've used your products many times and absolutely love them!

  3. Good Stuff 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Feb 2015

    Equibolan great product.

  4. Feel like i am going to explode 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jul 2014

    This one and Max is already after 2 weeks getting me to feel very pumped, i feel stronger, i hope i can Review this again after 2 Moore weeks ,

  5. Good stuff 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jun 2014

    Great product good results proven thru time

  6. I will buy it again 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Dec 2013

    Just letting you know that I am happy with equibolan and I plan to buy another 2 month cycle at the beginning of the year and I cant wait! If you guys have any sponsorship options please hit me up. You can look at my order history and see how much your products have helped me. Or you could as the trainers at my gym to see how they've seen me transform since I started using equibolan a year ago. thank you.

  7. Great Product!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Sep 2013

    I would like to say thanks to zupplements.com for bringing this product back on the market.I just bought my first bottle to use during my off cycle period.I'm able to keep my gains, while added more mass using this product.

  8. Not as good as it says... 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jan 2013

    Equibolan is pretty good, i have to admit. after a 6 week cycle going through 2 bottles i gained 8 pounds and felt very good with how i was looking and my strength was going up pretty good. but it wasnt as good as i was expecting, the ad says 20 pounds of solid mass in 4 weeks, no way. so, i am very disappointed overall.

  9. Fast Delivery - Great Product! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Aug 2012

    I agree that you got it to me so friggen fast its crazy! 2 days for super saver shipping? wow.

    Plus I've use it before and Ill be buying much more from you. I cant believe you guys have this stuff, its amazing!

  10. My All Time Favorite! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Dec 2011

    Equibolin is by far my all time favorite product. Thank you for selling it and delivering fast!

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