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  • Drenbolone: Tren Precursor, Steroid Alternative
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Product Description

by Mexivet



 Drenbolone is not currently available. Please consider OrlaTEST as a great alternative. OrlaTEST is the last true "precursor" that is still available today.



Yes! You Can Still Get A LEGAL VERSION Of Finaject… Possibly

The World’s Most drenbolone.jpgPowerful

And Explosive

Anabolic Steroid!  

Dear friend,

Listen! If you’ve never heard of Trenbolone Acetate, commercially known as Finaject, then you need to read every last word of this important message! And, if you have already heard of it, you still need to read it because you’ll discover how to buy a legal version of this truly amazing anabolic steroid for as little as $99 per bottle.

First know this. Finaject, from a bio-chemical standpoint, is the most unique steroid ever invented, and here’s why!

It’s So Freaking Strong…
It Was Originally Invented For 1000 Pound Race Horses!

racehorse-web.gifOriginally invented as a vet steroid for race horses, Finaject was later approved for human use… so you know this stuff is extremely anabolic! However, as awesome as Finaject is for getting you big, it’s even more awesome for getting you very ripped and shredded… and ultimately very muscular! And because of this, Finaject was a favorite of European bodybuilders in the 1980’s. The reason I say “was” a favorite is because, as rumor has it, the French government intervened and put pressure on the drug manufacturer to dramatically reduce its production because so much of it was being diverted on to the extensive, international black market!

But man-oh-man, if you were lucky enough to get your hands on some, lookout sister, because the way it made you look is unlike any other drug! You get extremely shredded and “dry” because Finaject occupies estrogen receptors… so you hold virtually no water!

Huge Size, Huge Pumps, Staggering Muscularity… And Then Some!

But check this out! In addition to getting “sliced and diced”, you’d also get the insane mind splitting pumps as your muscles almost “split” because they’re so engorged with blood! And the reason for this is… Finaject causes massive increases in red blood cell production! And more blood volume makes it a huge nutrient carrier. And this means all nutrients… creatine, protein, carbs, and vitamins… ALL will literally “drench” your muscle cells with all the macro and micro nutrients that your muscles need for exponential muscle growth.

trenbolone-group-web.gifAnd let’s not forget Finajects’ “pure anabolic” properties that rapidly engage the cellular mechanisms inside the nucleus of the muscle cell to “turnover” or redirect dietary protein at breakneck speeds to create new muscle on a daily basis.

Introducing Drenbolone... The Legal (for now) Alternative To Finaject!

Now this is all fine and dandy, you must be saying… but what’s the point of telling me about all the cool stuff Finaject does when I can’t get any? Well, the “point” of telling all the cool stuff Finaject does is because you now can get a legal version of it! It’s called DRENBOLONE and it is a legal (for now) precursor to trenbolone acetate!

But rest assured it does not work like a precursor, it works more like the “Real McCoy” because it converts to the potent hormone like crazy and will give you all the cosmetic benefits of the potent molecule itself!

Seriously, DRENBOLONE is outrageously anabolic and anti-estrogenic and will leave your body very big, very shredded, very vascular… and in a continued state of being “pumped up”!

Please Hurry And Place Your Order Today Before Drenbolone Is Banned Forever!

drenbolone-3pk.jpgHowever, there is a downside because the government may ban DRENBOLONE at any given moment! And this is the truth! The FDA has already cracked down hard on steroid precursors and is constantly seeking ways to ban anything “that works”! So please hurry and place your order for DRENBOLONE right away!

Single bottles are going for only $149! But listen to this! If you “Stock Up” now and buy 5 bottles, you’ll get each 90 count bottle for just $99 per bottle! So, hurry and place your order today and take advantage of this product. However there is a STRICT LIMIT of only 5 bottles per customer!

Oh, and one more thing! Be sure to lift heavy and “Chow Down” on the protein because DRENBOLONE literally craves protein, greatly accelerating the muscle manufacturing process… so make sure you get plenty of this “raw material!” You won’t grow without it!

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Product Reviews

  1. Makes you eat, Alot! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Oct 2014

    I've been taking this product for 13 days and I'm starting to notice less fat, bigger muscles, and more energy. About an hour after I first tried it, I ran to my kitchen and made five huge meals, ate all of them! It helps anyone who has any problem with eating the right amount of calories, I suggest around 4,000 calories on training days and 3,000 on non-training days, and you need lots of carbs to bulk up and for long lasting energy during workouts! I give this product a 4 out of 5 stars because I wish the results were faster than 14 days.

  2. good cutter, noticeable with in 7 days 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jun 2014

    First off, thanks to Zupplements for the speedy shipping! Within the first week on a mildly-intense home workout that I scrapped together, I noticed quick tone and strength gains in my body. It didn't give me the shakes, and passed a drug test. (not that you should be affected in either way with this product). My appetite slowed down the first week and then boosted suddenly. i now know where to come from now on. Thanks

  3. Awesome 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Dec 2013

    Results quick as the first day enjoyed everyday of the cycle

  4. I can't believe you guys have this! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jul 2013

    I have been looking for Drenbolone for YEARS now! This was the ONLY supplement that has ever worked for me, it is the best! Seriously you guys take the cake when it comes to finding the best products that people really want!

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