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Faith In Jesus Christ, Our King!

We believe in one God, the maker and sustainer of all things who in unity exists in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

Jesus Christ, the one and only Son, was fully human and fully God. He is our only path to a personal relationship with God. Through His life, death, and resurrection God reconciled all creation back to Himself.

The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son and is one with them. He is the agent in our conviction, regeneration, adoption, sanctification and glorification. He is our Lord's ever-present self, indwelling, assuring and enabling the believer. He is the church's life and witnessing power. He bestows the love of God and makes real the lordship of Jesus Christ in the believer. In relation to the world He is the Spirit of truth, and His instrument is the Word of God (The Bible). 

The Bible is God's written Word, uniquely inspired by the Holy Spirit. It bears witness to Jesus Christ, the living Word. It has authority over all human life and teaches the way of salvation and the life of faith in Jesus Christ. 

In God's own time, Jesus Christ will return, the dead will be raised and His final judgment will determine the eternal destiny of every person.

God created human beings in His own image, innocent, morally free and responsible to choose between good and evil, right and wrong. By sin, we are corrupted in our very nature so that from birth we are inclined to sin. Through faith in Jesus Christ our sins are forgiven and, subsequently by faith, the Holy Spirit cleanses our nature so that the holiness of God can be restored

Therefore, as followers of Jesus we know that we are far from perfect. We are all sinners, missing the mark that Jesus set for us. But through our shortcomings we become stronger, realizing more each day that we are lost without our savior.