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Bodybuilding Supplement Stacks: Supernatural Cutting Stack

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Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilding Supplements is a pretty broad term that covers many different types of products and goals. The most popular of all bodybuilding supplements are Whey Protein, Creatine, Glutamine, and Multi-Vitamins. These are commonly referred to as "staples" as they are the foundational products that work regardless of your goal or experience. Once you have a little “gym experience” and you have your staples in place, you can successfully take the next step toward your bodybuilding goals. Sometimes this is done by taking your workouts to a new level by hitting the gym more often or with more intensity… and sometimes it’s done by adding a product or combination of products (a stack) that makes you want to work harder. Either way, remember that the majority of the results you will see come through your dedication to nutrition and hard work in the gym. Bodybuilding Supplements, while they can be very effective and helpful, are still only “supplements”… not “replacements” for your nutrition and workout efforts. Below, we have outlined what we believe are the 4 main levels of supplementation.

Level 1
- Protein (Russian Bear, Muscle Milk, ON Gold Standard)

- Multi-Vitamins (Animal Pak, Anavite, ISS Vitamin Pack)
- EFA’s (Essential FA)
- Joint Support (Joint Fuel, Super Cissus)

Level 2
- Pre/Post workout Energizers (Jack3d, Superpump MAX)

- Creatine (Prolab Creatine Monohydrate)
- Nitric Oxide Stimulants (NO2, HemoJET, Yok3d)

Level 3
- Testosterone Stimulants (Permadrol, Equi-Bolan, MAXED)

- Prohormones/Precursors (OrlaTEST, 4-AD, DecaVOL, Drenbolone, Supersten, Nandrox)
- Fat Burners (AMPAGEN, OxyElite Pro, Hydroxycut Hardcore)
- Post Cycle Support (Arimedex, Recycle, Form XT)

Level 4
- Advanced Bodybuilding Stacks (The Freak Of Nature Stack)
- Advanced Cutting Stacks (Super Natural Cutting Stack)