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Bodybuilding Supplement Stacks: Supernatural Cutting Stack

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Peanut butter and jelly. Joe Montana and jerry rice. Abbot and Costello. Cookies and milk. July 4 and explosives! It's an incredible thing of beauty when two "objects" that are meant to be together, actually come together. This moment of synergy is the place where greatness is born! When it's truly meant to be, the results are much greater than the sum of their parts.

Ever Heard Of The “two-horse rule”?

A great way to illustrate this principle is to look at the two-horse-rule. Don't know what that is? Please allow me to explain!

The two horse rule is well known among country folk but you might have never heard of it. Check this out. The Belgain draft horse is among the most powerful horses in the world. And to prove who has the strongest horse, they are often pitted against each other in competition to see which horse can pull more weight. Now imagine an average Belgian draft horse can pull a 700lbs sled. Then if you have two horses, working together they should be able to pull 1400lbs, right?! Well it might surprise you that when working together, a "suited pair" can actually pull… THREE TIMES what a single horse can pull! We're talking 2100lbs!! This, my friend, is called SYNERGY!! The combined effort of both horses PLUS their synergistic effort from working together makes them much, much more effective. It’s literally 1 + 1 = 3!

And when it comes to supplements there is no question about it, stacking the right combination of supplements together can create a "perfect storm" of synergy that doesn't just create acceptable results... the results are MULTIPLIED many times over!

Most people never stop to think why "stacking" two products together works better than taking them individually over different time periods. The most common answer is obvious! You're taking more product, more is better, right??

Let me tell you something you already know. More is not always better! Better is achieved by putting your body and your supplements in the best possible scenario for success. This means you shouldn’t just start stacking your supplements together and adding more until you start to feel them working… but also dialing in your diet and workout regimen to the same “frequency” so that EVERYTHING you do is predetermined and GOAL FOCUSED. For instance, if you are trying to gain 20 pounds of muscle then you should probably stay away from intensive cardiovascular work. Right? Also, if you are taking 200g of protein powder every day then you probably don’t need to worry about taking a multi-vitamin too because almost all protein powders available on the market contain at least a 30% multivitamin profile in them already.

Creating great synergy among your supplement regimen, then matching them to your diet and workouts removes the need to take everything you can and hope something works for you!

Ok, you get it. Now, how do you create that kind of synergy among your supplements? That is coming soon! Check back next week!

AndroDREN The Testosterone Patch Alternative

AndroDREN™ is a revolutionary new testosterone replacement alternative product that could quite possibly change your life. AndroDREN™ utilizes a powerful yet very subtle supplement delivery system that effectively and consistently distributes the active compound into your blood stream over a 24 hour period. The result is a steady stream of testosterone increasing components that will make you feel and perform [...]

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TestoXterone: New Anabolic Program

  All New Anabolic Program Will Get You So Freaky Huge & Shredded You’ll Hardly Be Able To See Straight! And Neither Will Anybody Else As They Turn Their Heads In Utter Amazement At How Muscular You Are! Dear Friend, Within the next 2-3 minutes, you’re going to discover an all new way to build so much thick, [...]

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Testapril: The Biggest Breakthrough EVER!

There’s a new, recently released testosterone compound called Testapril that some steroid experts are calling the biggest steroids breakthrough ever. Strong words for sure, but once it’s “mechanism of action” is fully explained this awesome claim will be backed up in the real world, here’s why.Testapril is a new breed of testosterone enhancer that’s categorized [...]

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Chromium and How It's Used in Nutritional Supplements

Chromium is a mineral required by humans in tiny amounts, and is a key part of the bodily functions that regulate blood sugar, and help the process that provides energy. It is also necessary for maintaining normal metabolism and storage of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.Insufficient amounts of chromium can lead to glucose intolerance, which is [...]

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Will Barry Bonds walk away from charges in steroid case?

By Bob EgelkoBarry Bonds threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Giants’ Oct. 15 playoff game, to roars of acclaim. Before the season, the team brought in its record-setting slugger as a hitting instructor for a week in March, when he chatted amiably with reporters he once shunned. He continues to dispense batting tips to [...]

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Gregorio Arroyo caps four-year climb with bodybuilding world championship crown

FTER four years of non-stop competing at more than 40 events Yeovil bodybuilder Gregorio Arroyo has reached the top of his game by being crowned a World Champion.The locum pharmacist has gradually gained increasing acclaim within his sport and qualified for the World Natural Bodybuilding Association World Championships by lifting his national title in native [...]

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Ex-Sayreville football coach, accused of steroid possession, applies for probation

SOMERVILLE — Former Sayreville War Memorial High School assistant football coach Charles Garcia — charged with steroid possession in a motor vehicle stop just before a hazing scandal shut down the school's football program for the year — has applied for a pre-trial intervention program.Charles Garcia, who resigned his post at Sayreville three weeks ago, [...]

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UPDATE: Paquette polygraph results in; case turned over to GBI

Written by NBC 26 Staff AUGUSTA, Ga. - UPDATE: The polygraph test has been conducted on Brandon Paquette and as a result of that test, the investigation has been turned over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.An investigation into illegal steroid use is underway at the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. It was initiated after [...]

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Take The Ampagen Challenge!

Use AMPAGEN For 3 Weeks And You’ll Lose 10 Pounds, GUARANTEED! Why are we so confident in AMPAGEN? Because we are convinced it truly is The Most Amazing New Fat Burning, Muscle Strengthening, Mind Blowing, Power Producing, Monster Making, Thermogenic “Miracle Pill” Ever Created! And our customers tell us it is too… not just with [...]

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