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Can A Recovery Supplement Work Better Than Anabolic Steroids?

Professionals Explain How A New Bodybuilding Supplement Can Be A Legitimate Alternative To Using Anabolic Steroids.

Scientists have always known that anabolic steroids actually build muscle in two ways. (1) Through increased protein synthesis and (2) Through faster recovery time due to a reduction in anti-catabolism.

Now, the reason anti-catabolism is so important is that intense exercise causes a catabolic hormone called cortisol to be released into the body. And, when lots of cortical is released it “eats away” at muscle tissue, which bodybuilders (obviously) don’t like at all.

But a small Colorado company is now selling a powerful new anti-catabolic and recovery agent called RX5… that supposedly works just as good (or better) than prescription anabolic steroids for blocking cortisol, and thus building muscle much faster.

And the most amazing thing is that the research used to support the RX5 formula was originally done by German steroid researchers way back in the 1940’s… but was overlooked until now.

In fact, one leading steroid expert has described the original research on RX5 as “the most overlooked steroid research in history!” And he may be right because German scientists actually did specific research on which Amino Acids were the most anabolic! And the rumor is, they used this research to actually create an injectable amino acid formula (with the precise aminos in very specific ratios) and they were planning to market it as an anabolic agent to compete against the most popular anabolic steroid of all time, Deca Durabolan (aka Nandrolone Deconate) because it was so powerful.

However, due to the invasion of Berlin by Soviet troops, the particular testing facility was shut down; probably because it was controlled by some of Hitler’s associates.

But make no mistake, they were scientific steroid geniuses, and they conducted all the early research on the actions and effects of anabolic steroids. Full texts were actually written on each of these studies too… true testament to the validity of them.

And it’s these original studies that support RX5 and its amazing formulation that is so anti-catabolic it can reduce recovery time by 30% to 50%. The power of amino acids are amazing and there is only one way to make sure that you are getting the highest quality, best absorbing, most effective blend of amino acids, and that is to use RX5. And consumers are reporting that they are getting more cut and muscular on a daily basis. Who needs synthetics when RX5 is now available!?